What is a Name Server (DNS) ?

The web is conceivable in view of an organization of PCs called servers. A server is a sort of PC that is devoted to putting away and conveying sites to different PCs all over the planet.

A name server, now and then spelled “nameserver”, is a unique kind of server that keeps all the DNS records of your space name. Its responsibility is to give your DNS data to anybody mentioning it.

Nameservers are typically managed by your domain name registrar or hosting provider.

Each nameserver has its own location and can store the records of numerous sites. For example, if your website is hosted on Crazeefox then the name server used to manage your DNS records will be on nameservers with addresses that look like this:



Every area name should have no less than two nameservers. The first nameserver is the essential server. In the event that the essential server doesn’t answer, then, at that point, the optional nameserver is utilized to determine the area name.