How to Update Your Nameservers (DNS) In Hosting?

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The best thing about the DNS framework is that it permits site proprietors to move their sites without changing their domain names.

The best domain recorders as a rule furnish domain proprietors with simple instruments to deal with their nameservers.

In a perfect world, you should enroll your domain with your hosting provider. Utilizing your own hosting provider kills moving a domain name or evolving nameservers.

Assuming your domain name is enrolled with one provider and your site is facilitated somewhere else, then, at that point, you can just change DNS nameservers and highlight your web have.

For example, if your domain name is registered with Godaddy  and your site is facilitated with one of the well known WordPress web hosting companies, then, at that point, you can undoubtedly change your nameservers.

Nameservers are your primary DNS controller, and changing your nameservers changes where you manage your DNS settings. Correct nameserver settings are critical to making sure your email and website work correctly. Your domain must be registered with GoDaddy in your account to change nameservers.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center. (Need help logging in? Find your username or password.)
  2. Select your domain to access the Domain Settings page.


  1. Select Manage DNS under Additional Settings.
  2. Select Change in the Nameservers section.
  3. Choose the option that works best for you:
    • Connect my domain to a website I’ve built: Use our wizard to connect your domain to a website built elsewhere, such as Squarespace, Weebly or WordPress.
    • I want to use GoDaddy default nameservers (recommended): We’ll automatically update your domain to a set of GoDaddy nameservers. This option is only available if you’re not currently using GoDaddy nameservers.
    • Enter my own nameservers (advanced): Enter the nameservers given to you by your hosting provider.
  4. Select Save or Connect.
  5. Check the box next to Yes, I consent to update Nameservers for the selected domain(s).

Most DNS updates take effect within an hour, but could take up to 48 hours to update globally.

Source : Godaddy