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How to Fixed White Screen Problem in WordPress
Assuming that you’ve been dazed by the whiteness of your site and observed a clear screen gazing at you then, at that point, you’ve previously met the notorious white screen...
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How to Install WordPress on Your Hosting Cpanel?
On the off chance that your hosting provider doesn’t offer WordPress installation, you can do this from the cPanel, utilizing Softaculous. Here are the means: Step 1 : Select Softaculous...
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What is CNAME Record in Hosting?
CNAME stands for Canonical Name. A CNAME record is a kind of DNS record that’s utilized to point a domain name to another domain name, instead of an IP address....
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How to Update Your Nameservers (DNS) In Hosting?
The best thing about the DNS framework is that it permits site proprietors to move their sites without changing their domain names. The best domain recorders as a rule furnish...
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What is a Name Server (DNS) ?
The web is conceivable in view of an organization of PCs called servers. A server is a sort of PC that is devoted to putting away and conveying sites to...
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